Wee Rabbit Goes on an Adventure

Chapter Three

After getting her bearings, Wee Rabbit looked around for the source of the ringing. There wasn’t a cow to be seen anywhere! It was then Wee Rabbit realized that the ringing was coming from a patch of near by harebells.
She quickly hopped over to the flowers. “Hello?’ she inquired of the one that was ringing the loudest, and then, after a few minutes of listening she smiled.

The fairy at the other end of the harebell told her that out there, far away, someone in the big world needed a friend. She now had a destination and a purpose.
She gathered up her shawl and set off.

Of course you can always drop by and read about Wee Rabbit’s continuing adventures but if you can’t wait for the next installment, Wee Rabbit’s adventures can be found on theĀ hip roof barn Instagram or by following #aweerabbitsgoesonanadventure (also on Instagram).

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